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Mobile app enhancements coming October 12, 2022: An upgraded app in response to member feedback.

With help from AcceleRate Financial and Access Credit Union members, we’ve learned some great ways to improve the mobile app that launched in 2021 as part of our new digital banking experience.

On October 12, 2022 your Access Credit Union mobile banking app will be updated with a fresh, clean look along with an intuitive interface that offers a smoother navigation experience.

Important: Please have your username and password ready by October 11th

All your account settings, contacts, and transactions will carry over to the new app version; however, biometric login information will not transfer over. This means you will need to log in for the first time using your username and password.

Visit our mobile app upgrade page to learn how to reset your password and retrieve your username as well as information on the features and enhancements you can look forward to.

Manitoba—The Boards of Directors of Access Credit Union and Casera Credit Union are pleased to announce that they are currently in discussions regarding a potential merger between the two organizations.

Leaders from Access and Casera began talks earlier in 2022. Both credit unions view amalgamation as an opportunity to share their legacies as people-centred and community-focused financial institutions. The evolving credit union, operating under the Access brand, would help ensure long-term sustainability for its members in Manitoba's highly competitive financial marketplace.

"A merger between Casera and Access would add financial strength to the organization while providing our members with the benefits of a province-wide branch network, enhanced products and services, and technologies that meet their growing needs," noted Robert Riddell, Casera's Board Chair. "It would also guarantee positions for all our employees and expand their career opportunities."

While the two credit unions conduct due diligence, Casera will engage its members and employees through ongoing communication and open forums. These steps are vital in laying the groundwork for a Board recommendation to merge and a subsequent vote by Casera's membership on moving forward with the merger. Access members are not required to vote because Access's portion of assets represents more than 90% of the proposed merged entity's assets.

"We look forward to our continued exploration of this opportunity with Casera," expressed Kevin Beresford, Access's Board Chair. "The proud traditions of member focus and community investment are shared between our two great credit unions, and we hope that the discovery process demonstrates a combined advantage for our members, employees, and communities."

Upon completion of the due diligence process, Casera's Board may recommend a merger which would trigger a vote for membership approval in the fall of 2022.

About Casera Credit Union
Casera Credit Union was incorporated in 1951 as the employee credit union of the CNR Transcona Shops. Since then, it has grown to three branches in Transcona and St Vital with more than $501 million in assets and almost 12,000 members. For over 70 years, Casera has delivered on its promise to help families prosper, businesses succeed, and communities thrive. For more information about Casera, visit

Media Contacts
Brent Thomas
Chief Executive Officer
Casera Credit Union
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Dawn Borges
VP, Marketing and Communications
Access Credit Union
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Manitoba—The Boards of Directors for Access Credit Union and Carpathia Credit Union have shared that they are deliberating a future amalgamation between the two organizations.

This announcement follows that of the intention for Access Credit Union to merge with Amaranth Credit Union in the fourth quarter of 2022, following a trend of continued amalgamations across Canada. As of July 2022, there are 19 credit unions in Manitoba: seven in Winnipeg and 12 in the surrounding areas.

Leaders from both Access and Carpathia began merger discussions earlier in 2022. These discussions are based on the premise of amalgamations ensuring sustainability by taking advantage of size and economies of scale. Both organizations value cooperative principles such as community investment, rewarding members for their patronage, and providing employees greater opportunities for career advancement. Joining Access would allow Carpathia members to benefit from the added convenience of a more extensive branch network, and access to the expertise and knowledge of a combined workforce. In addition, it will enable the combined organization to provide more competitive products, services, and technological solutions.

“We have worked with Access in the past, and these discussions are a natural extension of the great working relationship we have had with them,” noted Carpathia Board Chair, Don Cilinsky. “As we progress through these talks, we are looking to discover even more benefits to our members, employees, and communities.”

The due diligence process provides open dialogue and engagement with members and employees. This engagement will be valuable as the next steps are established and the Carpathia board prepares a recommendation to their membership. If the recommendation to move forward proceeds, Carpathia members would vote on the amalgamation proposal. Access members are not required to vote since Access' portion of assets represents more than 90% of the proposed new entity's asset size.

“Carpathia’s history and commitment to their community are an important part of why we are exploring these discussions,” shared Kevin Beresford, Board Chair for Access Credit Union. “We come with a similar perspective; a deep respect for the people that set the stage for our success today and the communities that we have all served.”

Following completion of the due diligence process, if the Board of Directors choose to recommend a merger, they will seek Carpathia’s membership approval in the fall of 2022.

About Carpathia Credit Union

Carpathia Credit Union is a full-service financial institution founded in 1940. In July 2019, Carpathia Credit Union welcomed North Winnipeg Credit Union expanding Carpathia’s city presence to 5 branches. With over $600 million in assets, and more than 12,000 members, Carpathia Credit Union continues to ensure financial stability by providing responsive and relevant financial services for the communities we serve. For more information on Carpathia Credit Union please visit

Media Contacts

Brian Petrynko, Chief Operating Officer
Carpathia Credit Union
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Dawn Borges, VP, Marketing and Communications
Access Credit Union
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Effective July 1, 2022, Access Credit Union, AcceleRate Financial's parent company, became a brand-new credit union; a credit union with a commitment to sustainability, accessibility, innovation, and exceptional member service.

One where we put our members first so we can continue to support a network of thriving communities, today, tomorrow, and for the years to come.

We are taking our time throughout this process to do it right and minimize disruptions to members. For now, this is what members can expect:

  • A member of any of the legacy credit unions will be able to conduct most of their banking at any one of our 52 branches.
  • Day-to-day and online banking will remain the same for all members.
  • Existing cheques, debit cards, pre-authorized payments, investments, loans, mortgages, and member numbers will not change.

Thank you to all of our members for putting your trust in us. We look forward to the future with all of you as part of the new Access Credit Union.

Larry Davey, President & CEO, Access Credit Union

Find more information and a detailed merger timeline at

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