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Dear Members,

When faced with such uncertainty, making responsible and informed decisions based on key sources of information, is vital. Member and employee safety is of utmost importance to us and is critical to our decision making. To that end, with the growing uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 virus and mounting global concerns, we have been tasked with making some very difficult decisions.

As part of that commitment to safety, and in an attempt to take reasonable yet appropriate action while fully supporting our members' needs and regulatory requirements, we have decided to postpone our Member Vote and corresponding Special Meeting of Members for the proposed merger with Access Credit Union. The event and online vote was to be held on March 19, 2020. This action is intended to support the local and national efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 infections through social distancing.

We will look for an opportunity to reconvene the Special Meeting of Members and Vote on the proposed Merger with Access Credit Union in the future and will share additional information when that timing is determined. Please keep your voting package, which contains your personalized ballot and password as it will remain the only method to cast your vote once the meeting is rescheduled. We apologize for the inconvenience the short notice has caused, and we look forward to meeting with you when it is declared safe for us to do so.

With the completion of the business case and due diligence review, both Crosstown Civic and Access have concluded that the proposed partnership is in the best interests of their members, employees, and communities. As a result, both credit union boards have recently signed an Amalgamation Agreement and are inviting the respective memberships to vote on the merger proposal on March 19th.

For your convenience, and to ensure as much participation as possible, we are pleased to offer secure electronic voting for this proposed merger. Electronic voting will be the only available method for voting on this important decision.

Save the date. Voting will be open from 8:30 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. CST on Thursday, March 19th, 2020.

Claim your ballot. Watch for your voting package, expected to be in your mailbox the week of March 9th, 2020—you will need your unique ballot ID and PIN from this mailer to vote.

Inform yourself. Ensure you are well informed before you vote. Please review all the information received via mail and updates posted to

VOTE on March 19th. Eligible members are entitled to one vote each. Please vote from your home or office on your mobile device or personal computer between 8:30 a.m. CST to 8:30 p.m. CST.

Tune in for the results. Results of the vote will be officially announced at the Special Meeting of Members after 8:30 p.m. once all the votes have been finalized, and shared across our website and social media shortly after that. We will share further information on next steps once the decision about the merger has been finalized.

Vote Today, Shape Tomorrow.

For each ballot received, we’ll donate $1 to your choice of Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba, CancerCare Manitoba Foundation, or the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Simply make your selection at time of voting.

For more information on this potential merger, please visit

Both credit union boards have recently signed an Amalgamation Agreement and are inviting the respective memberships to vote on the merger proposal on March 19th.

What does this mean for AcceleRate Financial members?

Both organizations recognize the strength of the AcceleRate Financial brand and structure and are committed to keeping AcceleRate Financial in place while providing additional resources to continue its current success. The new entity will have the capacity to make further investments to benefit our current and future AcceleRate members. Both boards quickly agreed that the new credit union will maintain the AcceleRate Financial name. Similar to the Access name, the brand for AcceleRate Financial will be refreshed to demonstrate the beginning of a new organization.

With realized cost reductions and operational efficiencies, the new credit union will be in a stronger financial position to not only maintain, but also provide even more competitive rates and fees.

The new credit union will have increased technological capacity allowing for continued investments in leading edge technology, security, and experiences that meet or exceed member expectations. Members would also benefit from technology already available at Access Credit Union, including but not limited to:

  • online account opening (registered and non-registered accounts);
  • mobile wallets (Apple®, Samsung® and Google Pay®); and
  • online chat.

We believe that the new merged credit union will be stronger financially than either of the credit unions individually, with the capacity to provide greater benefits for our members, employees, and communities.

For more information on this potential merger, please visit

November 27, 2019


MB – The Board of Directors of Access Credit Union and Crosstown Civic Credit Union are pleased to announce that they have recently engaged in discussions regarding the potential for a merger between the two organizations.

Access and Crosstown Civic have completed some initial reviews that clearly indicate such a partnership would provide greater value for their respective members, employees and communities. Over the next couple of months, the credit unions will develop a more detailed business case for each board to review and determine if they will recommend the proposed merger to their memberships.

As part of their continuing due diligence, each credit union will encourage broad participation by engaging their employees and members prior to making any formal decision.

“We know that mergers are happening at a rapid pace and that they are key to the long-term success of the Manitoba credit union system,” notes Curt Letkeman, Chair of the Board of Directors of Access Credit Union. “In Crosstown Civic, we have found a common heritage based on cooperative principles and we are similar-sized organizations that we believe will benefit our members.”

“We are very excited about the potential of this partnership as both credit unions have a strong commitment to putting the needs of our members first,” added Ingrid Loewen, Chair of the Board of Directors for Crosstown Civic Credit Union. “We are in the early stages of exploring a merger and look forward to the next step – confirming our positive assumption as we work to develop an in-depth business case. We will continue to engage and inform our members as things progress and confirm our final recommendation to the members as soon as we are able.”

Following completion of the due diligence process, if both Boards of Directors choose to recommend a merger, they will seek membership approval in the Spring of 2020.

About Access Credit Union
Access Credit Union serves Southern Manitoba with 17 branches, 260 employees, over $3.1 billion in assets under administration, more than 54,000 members, and is the fourth largest credit union in Manitoba.

For more information about Access Credit Union, please visit

About Crosstown Civic Credit Union
Crosstown Civic Credit Union serves Winnipeg with 9 branches, 160 employees, over $2.6 billion in assets under administration, more than 31,000 members, and is the fifth largest credit union in Manitoba.

For more information about Crosstown Civic Credit Union, visit

Media Contact
All media inquiries should be forwarded to Access and Crosstown Civic Credit Union Corporate Offices.

Adam Monteith
VP Marketing
Access Credit Union
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Access CU


Dawn Borges
Director, Member & Employee Experience
Crosstown Civic Credit Union
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Crosstown Civic CU

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